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About The Authors 

Conversing On The Real was born out of a conversation – a conversation that started during a late lunch in a Houston restaurant, one Texas summer day. Heather Constantine and Deborah Havert felt this conversation was too good to be left unfinished and continued meeting over months of Saturday afternoons on Deborah’s back-patio.

As conversation coaches, social worker Heather Constantine and educator Deborah Havert provide a simple  "how to guide" that takes the reader step-by-step through the process of helping young people participate in conversations about living life. 

The authors' primary objectives (1) To create an opportunity for young people, through use of conversation, to examine how they engage in the process of living day-to-day and to think critically about life. (2) To allow young people to think creatively in order to design a healthy life style that meets the needs, wants, aspirations, and values of their authentic self. 

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Show me a powerful teacher and I will show you an effective communicator. Here is a book that will ensure you become even better.

--- Dr. Anabel Jensen, President Six Seconds, EQ Pioneer